#1148 – the england post (part 6 of 7)


betsy and i woke up later than planned, so we didn’t get to do everything we wanted to (we were planning on going to both winchester and salisbury, but decided to just see salisbury and stonehenge instead). first we went through downtown reading to the local french connection (their acronym is “fcuk”, har har) store where i had to get a shirt that said “cool as fcuk” since i was sharply reprimanded by the girls i was staying with for going to the french connection and not getting any shirts that said “fcuk” on them! lol

we took a train from reading to salisbury, then we took a bus from the train station in salisbury to stonehenge. we looked at stonehenge for a while, then took the bus back into town.

when we arrived back in town, we found our way to salisbury cathedral. took a look around the cathedral and looked all around the inside as well (stupid manditory “donations”… they say “donate if you feel like it, and they’ve got a guy sitting at the entrance making you feel guilty if you don’t pay to get in). salisbury cathedral was really cool on the inside – lots of stained glass, and they even had the magna carta there too. they let you take pictures of the inside, but not of the magna carta. oh well.

after that, we headed back to reading for the night, where everyone just hung out for the night, and i talked with two british guys who were there (i forget their names now… ^^;;;;), and while the girls watched tv we three guys did things like talk computers and try on each other’s glasses to see their prescription strengths and compared drivers licenses – they thought that my drivers license was the coolest-looking, because “england’s licenses are so boring-looking”, lol.

after we talked, we went into the other room where everyone spent the time watching some french movie called “bed and board”, and watched a french tom cruise lookalike fall in love with a japanese woman even though he was already married to a nice girl and had a kid, lol.


action shot of me at stonehenge


betsy at stonehenge

me and betsy at stonehenge

stonehenge (different view)

salisbury cathedral tower

salisbury cathedral carvings 1

salisbury cathedral carvings 2

salisbury cathedral front 1

salisbury cathedral front 2

stained glass 1

salisbury cathedral inside

stained glass 2

stained glass 3

stained glass 4

stained glass 5

stained glass 6

stained glass 7