#1147 – the england post (part 5 of 7)


susan and i went touring around on monday. first we went to greenwich where we looked around the national maritime museum, and then went up a really steep hill to see the prime meridian. ^_^ after looking at the camera obscura (a dark room with a small hole letting in light as a projection of the outside world), the museum about the search for longitude, and the grounds of the museum, we went into downtown greenwich to get some lunch at a restaurant called “pistachios”, where i got a ham ‘n cheese sandwich along with something called “pimms and lemonade”, which is something like a hard lemonade… susan later said that i smelled like alcohol the rest of the day and she kept wondering who it was, and then remembered that it was me, lol. ^_^;

we headed back into london and we saw the tower of london, and there we were able to see the crown jewels (and not be able to take any pictures yet again, grar ^^;;), a museum all about the tower of london, lots of suits of armor of different kings of england, and the resident ravens that live at the tower.

afterwards, we looked at the tower bridge (which is not called “london bridge”!), then we took the tube over to covent garden where we went shopping at french connection where i got three shirts (and one of them disappeared somewhere in betsy’s room ^^;;;;;). after walking around that area we headed back to reading, where we discovered that pretty much everyone was going to go to a local club called “bar med”.

bar med was lots of fun (except for one guy who grabbed my ass, and another guy who tried to steal my glasses, and a third guy who gave me a big kiss on my cheek and later thought i was a racist -_-;;). susan told me to get a double-vodka and coke, which was really good (and packed a punch, lol).

one guy there saw me checking this girl out and asked me if i fancied her name. he never told me her name, but he got her to dance with me some, and he kept trying to get her to dance with me some more. she didn’t, though. ^^;; ah, well… that guy gets an “a” for effort, at least, lol. ^_^; susan and betsy left to go back home shortly after 1. i stayed with their friends at the club until it closed at 2, where we piled in a cab, headed back home, and crashed.


national maritime museum

me at prime meridian

susan at prime meridian

old national observatory

tower of london

me at the tower of london

the white tower

inside the tower

armor 1

armor 2

armor 3

armor 4

armor 5

tower guard


tower bridge

susan at tower bridge

me at tower bridge

yeoman warder (beefeater)

flag at tower of london