#1144 – the england post (part 2 of 7)


1:25 am (8:25 pm EST)

It’s really weird to have it almost pitch dark outside over the ocean, and yet only be able to see the moon and no stars.


3:15 am (10:15 pm EST): “Waka/Jawaka”, Frank Zappa

Can’t sleep. I think I got about maybe an hour of sleep total, if that. 2 hours 40 minutes til landing.

Watched “Ocean’s 11” earlier tonight. Maybe I’ll watch LOTR on the way back. Either that or “Kate and Leopold” (Adam’s watching that next to me right now). Or maybe both, hehe.

There’s occasional flashes of lightning in the clouds between us and the Atlantic. Other than that, the moon, and the blinking of our collision lights, there’s no other lights around, so now we’re able to see the stars.

And my Handspring is being difficult at recognizing my handwriting right now. Watch: “And my Haadsppiyg is being diecicult at recogniziwg my handwritine yiehh wow.” How’s that for an unedited version of the previous sentence?


6:38 am

Arrived in England. Thought it was amusing (& handy!) that the very first thing I saw after I arrived were several GIGANTIC signs that said “toilets”.

Got through immigration / customs no problem too. There wasn’t even anyone in customs at all.

So far it’s just like the US. Except that people drive on the wrong side of the road, and the emergency exit signs have a little guy on them, and the paper towel dispensers are weird, and people have accents, and they call toilets “loos”.

But besides that… 😉 Now to decipher these payphones and give Susan / Betsy a call.


7:47 am

Funny, I don’t feel tired for it being almost 3 am, hehe


9:28 am

Signs here are so polite – they say “mind the gap” or “queues likely” instead of “watch your step” or “traffic ahead”


12:45 pm

Watching the world cup match between the US and Germany at the student union. Starting to feel a bit sleepy, maybe I’ll take a nap after the game.


arrived early friday morning. stopped in a mcdonald’s in the airport for breakfast, then got my train ticket and gave susan a call to let her know that i arrived and would be taking the train to reading so they knew when to meet me at the station.

took the train to reading, met up with susan and betsy, and after doing some quick chores in town we went to the houses that they were staying at to meet everyone before going to the student union to watch the us / germany world cup game.

i started falling asleep in the middle of the game ‘cos of jet lag, but then this british guy sat down next to me and we started talking about each other’s countries and he said how he really liked the us (because it’s big and the people were nice and there’s lots of stuff to do and we’ve got ford mustangs, lol). after the world cup game we went back to betsy’s house where i took a nap on my mattress that i’d be using as a bed on the floor.

after my nap we (along with about 4 other people) went to dinner at this restaurant called nando’s in downtown reading in a shopping center called “the oracle”. after dinner we headed back to betsy’s house where i worked on planning out my trip for saturday.


me at betsy’s house

susan and betsy with my gadgets

betsy’s house

susan’s house

british guy during world cup