#1139 – 30 years of seperation

went to work today, then drove to my aunt ‘n uncle’s place in reston where my dad’s side of the family was throwing a birthday party for my grandfather – he turns 80 years old on the 4th of july ^_^

it’s weird, too… there’s 30 years between my grandfather and my dad, and 30 years between my dad and me, so…

80 – grandaddy

50 – dad

20 – me

easy way to tell how old any one of us would be in a given year.

and i think it’s funny how my aunt offered me beer when she and i were looking for food for me to eat since i missed out on eating by having to be at work at the time. when i talked about my trip to england with other relatives there, my other aunt and i agreed that people 18+ should be able to drink here in the states, considering we’ve got all the other rights of adults… we can vote people into / out of office, we can go to war and die for our country, etcetera etcetera, but heaven forbid we drink some alcohol! 9_9

i’ve been getting rather mad at some of the types of customers we’ve had coming into our store… they’re all being really rude. -_-;; so i’m installing the true combat mod for quake 3 to help get some anger out, hehe.

stu and i are going to go to umbc on tuesday to pick up tickets for the umbc day at oriole park, then we’re going to go to the airport. maybe on saturday i’ll get some chicken and go down to gravelly point and DCA and watch the planes there….

and i promise, after work tonight i’ll post about my trip to england (complete with pictures!) ^_^;