#1136 – lazy

i keep getting home from work after 9 then i’m getting caught up with other stuff and so i keep forgetting to do things. things like:

– writing about my trip to england in here

– calling sprint about a $500+ credit i should be recieving

– other important stuff like that

but after work today stu and i worked on (and found all the footage for) a lupin the 3rd music video using the theme from “inspector gadget”, hehe ^^ now it just needs slight tuning up and then it’s done.

i want to get a new pda even more now. i want to get one to replace my current handspring because i can’t use my handspring with this cable i have for my phone to connect it to the web, and my current handspring is also having problems with some of the buttons on the front – i push them, but they don’t always register. ^^;;

preferably it would have a screen with a resolution higher than 160×160 and use rechargable batteries, and must be compatible with mac os x. it would also have to be a handspring to be compatible with the cable i already have (i don’t want to have to get a new cable if i don’t have to), and unfortunately handspring’s pdas don’t use resolutions higher than 160×160… ^^; but first i’ll wait and save up my money for other important things!

stu and i want to become air couriers, so we can be all sneaky and get cheap airline tickets by doing stuff for rather large companies!

bah, i’ve been rather horny today. ^_^; going to this club when i was away visiting reading was fun… i think maybe sometime i’ll head to one or two of the clubs in baltimore or dc (one of my managers works at a club in baltimore, and so he told me how they have college night on thursdays for people 18+… i should find people to go with me, hehe ^^