#1134 – the great glenn international debut!

got my packing all done, now i just need to get to bed to wake up to get to the airport at about 9:30 – 10 am ^_^

one of my managers at work told me that i have to take some pictures of some weird stuff while i’m away, because he recently got back from vacation and took some weird pictures, like one of a train with a sign on it that said “DO NOT HUMP”, lol. he also told me as i was stocking up after work that i was an excellent temp and i told him “well, my job is to kick ass and take names, hehe”. he said that it would really be funny if i could kick people in the ass as they left the store – “have a nice day!” **BOOT** >:D

i’ve got nothing to really do on the airplane planned. ^_^;; sure, i’ve got my ipod… maybe i’ll pick up a book or a magazine or something in the airport. which reminds me… i’ve got a discworld book or two i’ve got to read… maybe i’ll bring those along ^_^

oh, yeah, and here’s my schedule for those of you who want to track me on

thursday, june 20

depart: baltimore (bwi) 12:10 pm

arrive: pittsburgh (pit) 1:07 pm

flight number: 71

depart: pittsburgh (pit) 5:35 pm

arrive: london (lgw) 5:55 am (next day)

flight number: 740

wednesday, june 26

depart: london (lgw) 12:15 pm

arrive: philadelphia (phl) 3:45 pm

flight number: 99

depart: philadelphia (phl) 5:40 pm

arrive: baltimore (bwi) 6:26 pm

flight number: 3664 (us airways express)

i guess that’s it…

see you next wednesday (if i don’t comment in here in the morning)! ^_^

*waves* ^_^