#1131 – music video ideas

last night i had trouble falling asleep so i sat in bed listening to music on my ipod for music video ideas. i listened to / skipped through about 100 songs when i said “ok, i’m going to sleep right after the song after this current one.”

the song after that current one was this one – “mama, i’m coming home” by ozzy osbourne, hehe. i think it’d make a good dramatic evangelion music video… ^^ i’ve been so happy with myself all day for making this amazing find. ^_^

curse corey and whfs for getting me involved with this demon-music! hehe ~_^ now i have to look for more ozzy music, hehe. and some bats to bite the heads off of. and an alamo to urinate on. ^_^;

i forgot to mention last night – yesterday at church i bumped into my friend eric who i hadn’t seen for a few years when his family moved off to rockchester, new york. apparently he was down here on vacation recently when he ran into his old boss from the bostonian shoe store he worked at in the mall here, and his boss said to him “what would it take for you to move back down here to go back to work for me?”

so right now he’s living with some friends of his family and our family, and he’s assistant manager at this store, and he’s got all sorts of benefits and maybe they’ll even pay his tuition, and all sorts of cool stuff like that. ^_^

so now i know where to go to get my shoes now, hehe ~_^

he asked me where i’m going to school and i told him how i was going back to umbc in the fall, and he said that he’s going to be applying there for the spring (working right now to make some money to get his own apartment), and that in the spring he, sam george (one of the guys in the family eric’s staying with right now – he went to my highschool for a year), and one or two other people that we know are all going to be going to umbc so they were thinking of pitching in together for getting a place to stay at off campus. i told him that if i haven’t heard back from campus housing by december (when they’re planning on getting this ready) that i’ll be interested in joining in with this too. ^_^

that’d be pretty cool ^_^