#1128 – hungry

i’ve had a peanut-butter ‘n jelly sandwich with a glass of milk and a few boxes of raisins since i got home from work and church. i’m still hungry. ;_;

mom went to the grocery store just after church and i told her to get some peppersteak since i was really really really craving peppersteak and rice. so guess what we’re having for dinner? ^_^ just need to wait for it to finish cooking, though… ^^;;

we were complaining about carl (one of the salespeople) at work today. the manager on duty said that he got a call about some mess-up carl did with someone’s pricing plan that easily is going to be at least $1000 that needs to be reworked. ^^;; carl has done all sorts of stupid mistakes / bypass me with the sign-in sheet and just helps some random customer instead of who’s next in line / come in late / leave the store without telling anyone where he’s going / etc. so many times, but nothing other than a few meetings with the managers about it. -_-;; he’s made pretty much everyone’s life in the store miserable when they have to clean up after him. one of the other salespeople said that carl could probably burn the store down and he wouldn’t be fired for it. x_x;;;

and he does all these shady activities – he brings home the contracts of people that he’s set up phones for during the day (which is all proprietary verizon wireless information, methinks)… he’ll help one customer, then go to help another while the first one wants to browse the store some more, and then when customer #1 is ready carl has one of the other salespeople help them and expect the salesperson to give him the sale (meanwhile telling customer #2 “if a manager comes along and asks, tell them i was helping you before that other customer”)… and he’ll go up to customers without consulting me to see who’s next, and when the salespeople remind him to check the list he grabs one of his business cards and tells the customer “give this to the salesperson who helps you” and expects that he’ll get the comission from this sale as well (when one of our saleswomen had this happen to her, the customer said “carl said a few minutes ago to give you his card.” “why did he tell you to do that?” the saleswoman asked. customer: *shrug* “i’m not sure…” saleswoman: “did he help you at all?” customer: “no.”)

he’s been with the company for about 2 years – the same amount of time that corey (another salesperson, who knows his stuff very well) has been here. and he still doesn’t understand anything!

it’s probably bad karma to hope and wish for him to get fired, but hopefully that may change soon… i really can’t stand working with him… ^_^;