#1125 – you filthy crap

stu and i drove to dan’s place late last night and we hung out there. watched “armitage” (with such incredibly written lines like “you filthy crap!” and such… i kinda liked it, but the story got old after a while, in an “oh, no! our daughter is in danger!” *kill shoot kill* “whew! now we’re safe!” *attack attack attack* “oh, no! our daughter is in danger!” repetitive kind of way… the dub wasn’t that great, either. and the cg special effects were pretty bad too. the character design was alright, and i really liked the character armitage. plus she kicked ass in that movie… mm… ass-kicking sexy robots…), and watched more “comic party”, and watched “plastic little”, and stu and i played “san francisco rush 2049” too. ^_^

woke up early this morning and went to the washington apple pi computer show ‘n sale. it was in a gymnasium and when i was there it was about half-full with vendors (really just people who purchased desk space to get rid of their old stuff, but there were one or two tables set up by actual stores). i found an old copy of virtual pc for the mac with windows 98 for $25 – not a bad deal. ^^ what i really should have done was get set up with tablespace and sold this old mac, this old scanner, and a few old monitors we have as well… ^_^;; ah, well – i’ll do that in the winter when they have their next one… maybe i can sell the computer and whatever and use the money to purchase a used laptop at the show… ^^

two guys at one table were commenting on how the show has really declined in the past few years (i remember going with my grandfather about 10 years ago when i used to have an apple ][+ and we bought tons and tons of games for it, hehe… most were pirated software copied onto floppies, though ^_^;; but back then the show ‘n sale was in a school cafeteria and it was PACKED o_o). they figured it was because of the price of new technology being so cheap that even if this guy running this table across from them (who was selling a bunch of old computers and monitors) said “anything on this table is yours for free – you just need to take it out”, that he still wouldn’t be able to get rid of stuff. ^^;;

after that i drove back to dan’s and we had breakfast and drove to my grandfather’s place so i could drop off with thim this kidney-friendly cookbook (he’s on the verge of needing kidney-dialasys) we got him for father’s day ^_^ then we drove off to umbc and watched two tapes of music videos there before they had to close up the room. we drove around a little bit trying to figure out what to do, and we ended up deciding to go to eastpoint mall and seeing if we could find “generic eric”, a guy who runs the arcade there. we found him and he gave dan and i a free game of ddr and we all played games there and walked around the mall with him for a few hours.

then we dropped dan back off at his place, then stu and i came back home. ^^