#1124 – bubbles

got my haircut… kelly told me that when she got her hair done for prom it was done by suzy (the girl i usually go to see there), and she was talking with her and found out that suzy was 19. ^_^ this makes me happy, ‘cos she’s rather cute and much younger than i thought she was ^-^

unfortunately, she was having a bad day (rather busy, and the guy ahead of me showed up 25 minutes late when they only do half-hour appointments, and he wanted her to cut his kid’s hair quickly) ;_; so when i finished and mom saw me in the lobby (since she had to drop kelly off) she told me that there was hair on my shoulders and my neck, and i told her that i had gone to see the girl i usually see but she was having a bad day so i cut her some slack. ^_^;

back to tomorrow’s events – i think that i might be able to go to both the computer show ‘n sale and the music videos screenings. but i’d have to either a) drop stu off at dan’s apartment on the way to the show ‘n sale, b) have stu come with me to the show ‘n sale, or c) stay the night at dan’s place tonight, go to the show ‘n sale in the morning, and pick them up afterwards.

the show ‘n sale is from 8 am – 2 pm (it starts winding down rather quickly from what i remember), and the music videos start at 10 and go until 6. so, i could go to the show ‘n sale for a few hours, then go to the music video screenings for a few hours, and only miss out on a little bit of the music vids ^^

i should give dan a call and see what he thinks (or maybe i’ll just bug him when i get home from work… yeah, that’s what i’ll do)… he’s probably asleep right now, hehe… ^_^;

time for more lunch then another shower (i always need to take a shower after i get a haircut no matter who cuts my hair… i feel all itchy afterwards, hehe ^_^;), then off to work from 3:30 – 9… ^^