#1121 – i'm super, thanks for asking

My LiveJournal is Super!

Congratulations! Your Live Journal is NOT annoying! You

probably have lots of friends and write cool insightful

things. You also more than likely have been a member for a

while, and have customized your livejournal and made it look

really awesome. I would add you to my friends list for sure!

I took the LJ rating test by Atomic Blue and Cracker Face!

don’t you hate it when something contains code for you to post in your site or something, and it’s horribly horribly wrong? this one didn’t have a </center> tag until i put one in myself… >.>

gotta get ready for work in a minute or two… i gotta delete my contact info from this pocket pc / cellphone we have as a demo in our store that i was fiddling with the other day… i figured out how to beam my info from my handspring to it, and i forgot to take it off… earlier today i was recieving a call or two from that phone… oops… ^_^;;