#1115 – lupin

that lupin the 3rd dvd i got ROCKS

but of course it rocks. it is lupin, after all… ^__^

stu and i also watched a little bit of the excel saga dvd to see how the dubbing is… pretty much the only thing that was good about the english dubbing was that the voiceactress for excel is hyper enough. but almost everything else is terrible! ^^;; the translations are off, ilpalazzo sounds chronically bored, etc. some parts are ok, though… but overall, the dub is stanky. ^^;;

i can’t wait to cosplay as lupin ^_____^

and i’m going to be leaving for britain in 8 days ^___^ that’s getting really really really close! o_o;;;;

and i’m still surprised that i’ll be going not only to britain, but also otakon and comic-con this summer as well. perhaps i may even go to macworld new york for a day as well.

we’ll see. ^_^ but now it’s time for bed. ^_^;;