#1114 – suncoast

went to work this morning… we were pretty slow, and dave the senior salesperson / manager was opening and closing today, and since no other managers were around he, myself, faith, and corey fooled around in the store. dave and corey were joking back and forth while faith was with a customer and faith told the customer that she works with a bunch of retards, hehe.

after work stu and i went to the annapolis mall to suncoast to see if they were doing the pioneer anime tape sale there, but apparently that’s only at suncoasts that aren’t connected to sam goody stores. so after looking in suncoast there (and buying the dvds of “excel saga” and “lupin iii: the secret of the twilight gemini” ^_^) and setting up an appointment at bubbles for friday, we went to marley station to find the suncoast there. they were having the sale at that store, so we got a few more tapes, hehe.

then we went to the planespotting park at bwi and watched the planes take off and i got to try a little database i made for my handspring for recording planes i’ve seen. ^_^