#1113 – yeah so i'm 15 years old

yesterday at work i arrived to find a little table with yummy cakes and pastries and cookies on it, and the local radio station whfs was setting up a kiosk outside of our store. apparently for some promotion they were giving away stickers and promo rock mix cds and free samples of suntan lotion. rick (the store manager) and dave (salesperson) and myself went out to see for ourselves what stuff they had since we were rather slow all day and they wouldn’t give us any of the t-shirts they had to give away (those were for the “customers”), but they did give us each our own promo cd of a recent album. they gave me a copy of “the osbourne family album”, lol – i text-messaged corey, one of our salespeople who was out of town to tell him about it and asked him if he wanted to he could bring his laptop in on tuesday to rip the cd if he wanted since he is such a big ozzy fan, hehe. ^_^

*reads about “the osbourne family album”…* i got a pre-release version of it? it wasn’t released until today (tuesday)… o_o;;

anyway, today i went off to work as usual, then after work the plan was to go home and change then go get bruno_boy and zenmetsu and go visit our friend nick who had broken his leg during a karate demonstration about a week or so ago. that was what we planned to do, anyway, lol. i got stueypark to come along as well, and we got dave and went to dan’s and he told us that nick had called to tell him that today may not be such a good day to drop by.

so instead we went to g-sentry (an anime store) and creature zone (another anime store) and all four of us did the “yatta” dance in the car with the stereo blasting and the windows down on the way to white flint mall to go to dave and buster’s to play games in the arcade. ^^ but they wouldn’t let us into dave and buster’s because we didn’t have anyone over 25 to go in with us -_-;;; so we instead went to suncoast in the mall (they were having a sale on pioneer anime titles – 2 for $5! ^___^ i got episodes 1-2 and 5-6 of “battle athletes” and the first two tapes of “moldiver” ^^), and then headed back to dan’s place where we watched “UHF” and fooled around and watched some of this anime he had rented called “comic party” (which, incidentally, i noticed is where pockyman‘s livejournal icon is from – i’m so perceptive! hehe). dan kept my videocamera to use for copying his music video onto tape with.

and now i’m back at home. i’m thinking of maybe after work tomorrow (wednesday) i’ll go to the lookout point at bwi and watch the planes and work on developing this database thingy for my handspring for planespotting with. ^_^