#1112 – the second wwii

dad and i are all hot and sunburned ^_^;;

he, stu, and i drove up to reading, pennsylvania this morning to go to the mid-atlantic air museum’s wwii remembrance weekend airshow… they had planes lined up for people to walk around and inspect, an air demonstration for 3 hours or so where planes flew overhead and did all sorts of exhibition-type stuff, and they had several different encampments of different countries armies set up around the corner of the airport that this was all at, so they had us army encampments, german army encampments, russian army encampments, and so on. they also had a little replica french village that they did little skirmishes in, and a flea market with all sorts of wwii memorabilia (i wanted a replica bomb, hehe… it was about 3 feet tall and 10 inches in diameter and about $360 ^_^;;), and they also had a stage with wwii-era music playing. it was really cool ^_^

pictures are here ^_^

i got lots of footage of the planes flying over with my video camera, and took about 60 pictures with my digital camera (dad ended up having me take a few pictures with it for him since he ran out of film for his camera, lol). i think that the pictures i took turned out really well, and we had lots of fun ^_^ stu’s still there tonight, though, camping out with his wwii reenacting group…