#1111 – milestone

1111 posts, yippee ^_^

went to the orioles game today with the family, stu, and kelly’s friend samantha. my sister anne’s school choir that she’s in sang the national anthem, and so we got to get group tickets from our parish.

stu took a picture of me at the game when we went seat-hopping and found a nice section that was in the shade, had not a bad view of the field, and was pretty isolated, hehe…

the orioles ended up winning the game. mom says i gotta wear my orioles beerhat i have to every game i go to because every game i’ve been to so far and worn my hat the orioles have won, so it’s a lucky hat, hehe.

i’m mad i can’t find my cd with my canon photostitch software on it so i can stitch together these shots i took to make a panorama with… *pouts*

oh, yeah, and we’re going to the airshow tomorrow, er, today. can’t set my alarm for it though ‘cos dad was installing a ceiling fan in anne’s room and so he had to turn off the power to that section of the house and that’s where my room is. so now my room is completely dark. ^_^;;;