#1110 – in case of fire, break glass (to be made public if needed)

in case of fire, break glass and read on…

i think that when i’m not kept up to date on what’s going on between close family members and close friends, with situations and events left for me to discover on my own, i have a right to be bitter.

i also feel that wanting to be alone with my friends / guests is not an unreasonable request – especially when other members of the family are with their friends / guests and i leave them alone to their own devices, interacting only when requested to by that family member. i expect that that same courtesy i practice should be extended to me.

if other family members want to invite friends of mine to do something with them, or friends of mine want to do something with my family, all i ask is that i be told what’s going on ahead of time. things go much more smoothly when i know what to expect. that’s all i ask – keep me informed. i get less of a feeling that i’m being subverted by both friends and family when i’m kept in the loop.

i didn’t expect an apology or anything (why should i?) for will going out somewheres with kelly and her friend, but neither of them had said anything to me at all about this event they had planned for this afternoon. not until they got home from downtown. (i was away when he arrived.) and when he arrived, he told me that kelly had been talking to him about this trying to work this out for 4 months. 4 months that either one of them could have mentioned to me anything about this.

even if it wasn’t 4 months, a simple “hey, your sister wants me to go shopping with her downtown tomorrow – see you when i drop by tomorrow afternoon” would have sufficed.

but how do i hear about it? from my mom, the night before. that’s how.

you’d understand how i feel about this if you were put in the same situation.

and yes, i have talked with others who have been in the same situation.