#1109 – £

dad and i went to the bank to order traveller’s checks, but the lady there kept telling me to just use my checkcard instead. but i wanted to get traveller’s checks for places that didn’t take checkcards, and wanted to get cash money in case places didn’t take traveller’s checks. so we ended up cashing a $200 check dad wrote for me at the bank, and i took out $100 and we went to the american express travel agency place in the mall, where i got £100 (or is it 100£? in any case, i got 100 of ’em) in traveller’s checks, and £70 in cash.

british money is silly. it doesn’t fit in my wallet. ^_^;; i can just imagine how confused people would be now if they were to steal my wallet and find abnormally-sized british money in there, lol…

i complained to my parents earlier about my sister with my friends and they basically laughed at me -_-;;