#1108 – happy german techno music!!

this song is so happy and peppy! i blame this guy.


i can use some happy peppy music right now though… neither kelly nor will have said anything to me yet. i guess when he’s supposed to be coming by today i’ll learn more…

see, last time she got all friendly with my friends i didn’t find out about it at all until a month or more later.

i doubt i’d have found out about this unless i asked when i did – i came downstairs and heard my mom say “does glenn know?”

“do i know what?”

“that she’s going out somewhere with will collins tomorrow?”


don’t know how long this has been planned, but is it too much to ask that i be kept in the loop about this sort of thing??

and then i get told that i’m “mean” when i want her to leave me and my friends alone. -_-;;; blech. “what? can’t i be friends with them as well?” she says.

um, NO. find your own friends. and definitely NO if you’re not going to be telling me these sort of things expecting me to either find out for myself later or not find out at all.

anyways, on a lighter note, this