#1105 – stinky

kelly just emptied out the kitty litter. now i’m squinting and the room smells all stanky… ^^;;;;

blah. i think i’ll get myself some cake…

*1 cake later*

work was alright. pretty slow. we had some guy who was a pilot for us airlines (i saw he worked for them by the logo on his tie, but wasn’t sure if he was the pilot or the flight officer or what, but the saleswoman who helped him out found out he was a pilot in the course of their conversation). he told her a little about flying (she asked him if it was like riding a bike and he said no, lol), and later i heard her burst out “YOU’RE A PILOT AND YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE ‘AIR FORCE ONE’?!”

we later told her that most people don’t watch movies about what they do for a living, and besides, ‘air force one’ was pretty hokey. it doesn’t have an escape pod like it did in the movie, for example, lol.

some guy had the nerve to come in the store and ask me “where’s the nearest nextel store?” 😛 i wouldn’t have told him even if i did know. -_-;; some other lady came in with a phone she’s had problems with…

lady: “i had this phone…” *holds up phone* “…and they told me that it’s battery went dead, so i bought this phone…” *holds up another phone, same model as the first* “…and this one is having battery problems too and i’ve been out travelling around the country and i haven’t had time to bring it in yet and it keeps dropping calls and i’ve had it only a month and i want a new phone.”

me: “well, if it’s only a month, it’s still under it’s 1-year warranty… why not talk to our technicans in the back about it?”

lady: “i’ve had them do that before and they couldn’t do anything so i want a new phone.”

me: “but problems with the battery are covered under its warranty…”

lady: “but i was talking to an 85-year-old man and it dropped the call. i want a new phone.”

me: “then talk to customer service about that.” 😛 i knew they wouldn’t be able to do anything, but i needed the lady to hear the same thing i was telling her to come from someone else to get it into her head what i was trying to tell her

lady: *spends a long time in the back talking to customer service, then comes back out to me* “ok, looks like i’ll have to pay full retail price on getting a new phone, put my name down to see a salesperson”

me: *takes down the lady’s name, and directs her to a salesperson in due time*

then i hear her and the salesperson arguing…

lady: “i want a new phone!”

salesperson: “only way i can do that is to sell you one at full retail price. i can’t give you one at the sale price!”

lady: “but i want a new phone!”

salesperson: “then you’d have to talk to the people in the back. i can’t do that unless you want to pay the full retail price.”

lady: *wanders around the store a bit more, then rushes another salesperson as soon as he becomes available* “i want a new phone!”

2nd salesperson: “what kind do you want?”

lady: *shows the salesperson*

2nd salesperson: *explains about the full retail price on the phones and why he can’t sell her one at the sale price* “see, you need to look at the bottom of the price tags to see the full retail price…”

lady: “oh.” *wanders around the store looking at the prices, and says to me “they sure do mean ‘read the small print.’*

me: “heh” 😛

2nd salesperson: “ma’am, since you’ve only had that phone a month, our techs can help you out.”

lady: “but i don’t want to be without a phone! what’ll i do while they’ve got my phone??”

2nd salesperson: “they just swap it out for you in the back.”

lady: “oh!” *goes back to the technicans*

just think of all the time wasted she could have saved if she just went back to see the techs like i first suggested, instead of being a moron and running around wasting everyone else’s time. -_-;;

i’ve got to work all day tomorrow, but then i get off both friday and saturday ^_^ and tomorrow night i get paid! yippee! ^_^