#1098 – i don't need to be told twice

stu and i went to dca after work and took pictures and sat and watched the jets… they were taking off over gravelly point instead of landing, so it was neat to see (first time i’ve seen them do that) but not as impressive as seeing them land over your head. we went on a short walk towards the terminal and found this cool place for watching regional jets just by this pedestrian bridge over the george washington parkway, and so we took a few pictures from there.

i mentioned to stu that i’ve got to do some research and find out when the next airshow in the area is going to be and he told me there’s going to be one in reading, pennsylvania – the mid-atlantic air museum’s world war ii weekend. i told dad about it when i got home and he asked if i was working this weekend and i said no, so he said that if i want to we can go to the airshow this saturday ^_^

and i was bitched at at random for not doing anything. heh… i don’t need to be told twice. 😛