#1096 – otaku no audio

worked today. i’m working every sunday now (except for when i’m going to be out of town for something or another) since new temp sean can’t work sundays because (as corey put it) he’s “got the mormon”, lol. he’s going to be working all the saturdays for me now.

kinda slow… nice pace – not too busy, not too slow. we had some donuts in the back office too so when we’d slow down i’d go back there and munch on a munchkin, yum yum. ^_^

after work i came home and got stu and we picked up dan from his place and went to university of maryland, college park to see a prescreening of the anime music videos for otakon. we got there just at the halfway point and watched 14 music vids (mine included ^_^) and a fandub parody. ^_^ my music vid wasn’t bad… it got a few chuckles, but the quality wasn’t that great… all pixellated… ^^;; we’re probably going to head to umbc on saturday to see the 8 hour showing of all the music vids they recieved.

went back to dan’s place and watched a few more music videos, then headed back home. after watching his “revolution man” music vid again i thought about the song “revolution” by the beatles and maybe i’ll see if i can fit that to “otaku no video”. ^^

time to go to bed, then after work at 3:30 stu and i are going to be probably picking up bruno_boy from his house and going down to gravelly point by DCA to watch the planes land overhead ^_^