#1092 – getting into my pants

i’ve forgotten to write about HOW MUCH I LOVE MY MOBILE PANTS!!! ^______^

i <3 <3 <3 <3 my mobile pants. XD they're so cool!! they've got pockets all over the place, but they're not cargo pants! they're mobile pants! dressy! and the pockets are hidden all over the place too! i was at work the other day and discovered that it had more pockets than i thought it did, hehe... it's got... 2 hip pockets (one left, one right) 1 zip pocket INSIDE the right hip pocket! you can put your wallet in there and not worry about pickpockets! 2 hidden pockets (just below the hip pockets... when they're zipped up you can't tell that they're there at all!, except for the little zipper!)

see? that’s it unzipped there, and when it’s zipped up it looks just like the seam!

it also has two back pockets, but i don’t really use those… i wish that cargo pants had these other zip pockets in them too… that’d be COOL!!!

i might go to arundel mills again late this week to get some more, but these will be for casual wearing. that way i can wear one set of pairs for work, and the other set of pairs for other stuff! ^_^ i hope they’ll still be having their special… 2 pairs for $50! ^__^