#1088 – airplane club

found this club through the forums… it’s a club in the baltimore/washington area for people who like aviation, and they go on little planespotting outings to local airports ^_^

i mentioned it to mom and she said “i thought this would be only a week or two thing!” 9_9 lol…

it’s a closed community so they have you answer some questions about what you like about aviation before you’re a member… i send them an email about it and i want to be let in… *pokes*

work was alright today… sean shadowed me some more today. we were really really slow, so we didn’t really have to do anything. corey brought in this laptop that he bought a week ago and showed it to us along with this digital camera he got for free with it. apparently he was at the beach the other day and just walked around and shot pictures of the girls, hehehe… one thing that he had with his computer that was really cool was this bag that he was able to custom-build for it at… it’s a pretty neat site, and kinda fun ^_^

i got my paycheck, so now, or after next payday i’ll be ordering my traveller’s checks. yay ^^

and i’m bored. and kinda horny. but what else is new? ^_^;