wicket! wicket good!

i got devo

devo good!

dave and i stopped off at the used cd store downtown and i grabbed this used devo cd that they had ^_^ we walked around more downtown and hung out on a bench at st. john’s college and watched some people play croquet. dave shouted at them “hit it through the wicket!” while i (excited from my recent devo cd purchase) would shout “wicket! wicket good!” >:D

we also would start slapping our knees as if we were listening to yokel music whenever one of us mentioned the word “jamboree” (we saw a car in a parking lot that said on the side “jeep jamboree” and thought it would be fun to have a jamboree right then and there, so we started slapping our knees as if we were at a hoedown or something, lol). we told my parents about that when we got home, and they said “but who would ever say the word ‘jamboree’?!” and we replied “uh, us?”

we watched some batman on tv (good news, fishbulb42! they’re going to be showing batman on tvland starting may 6 from 7-8 pm each night for at least about two weeks! ^_^), and picked up some videotapes from tower records, dave got some books from barnes and noble, and i got this caramel frappachino thingy from starbucks, yum yum ^_^ we also saw this poor attempt at an artcar in the parking lot there… lol, that car looks terrible…