#996 and i miss you too

i’m feeling horny – ladies, keep away if you know what’s good for you… come over to my place if you know what’s good for you too >:D

…maybe i should just lay off the “lords of acid”, hehe ^_^;

this morning i was in a kinda bad mood. stupid customers forgetting their manners. one girl saw some lady mutter at me and gesture toward customer service as she passed me and asked me if i get lots of rude people like that. i replied “if that’s as rude as they get, then it’s a good day” and she was real surprised and we talked how there’s lots of “snooty” people in annapolis. ^^;; but it’s the little things that really upset me – people not responding to me talking to them, people rushing past me to places that i have not directed them to, people not listening to my directions when i do direct someone someplace, and people questioning the information that i’ve given them when i know exactly what it is that i’m talking about. 😛 i end up laughing when someone yells at me or cusses at me on their way out the door, lol.

and then i found out that these two salespeople (both are rather lazy and ask me to get them accessories – not that i mind getting stuff like that for the salepsople, but they ought to do it when i’m busy trying to greet people – or just sit behind the desk talking on the damn phone all the time, and one of the salespeople tonight isn’t exactly the greatest guy to work with – doesn’t know what he’s talking about half the time :P) were both going to be closing the store tonight, and the manager tonight was going to be the strictest, most hardcore of all our managers (he doesn’t really lighten up at all and kinda talks down to everyone – but then again he was the one who nominiated me for temp employee of the month). but it wasn’t as bad as i was expecting it to be. ^^

i got a little flyer in the mail from today’s staffing, one of the places that i worked as a temp with last summer. i think i’ll contact them about working as a part-time temp this summer too to make some more moneys ^_^ it says that there’s some sort of reactivation bonus, too ^^ i was thinking today about seeing about maybe getting some other sort of job over the summer ‘cos i’m working maybe a week at a time with a week off. so i could find some sort of part time job or something to work at in the part of the time that i’m off of my verizon job. and this is perfect, because it’s still temp stuff so it’s nothing too long, and it’s rather flexible for me so then i can tell them “i’m free on such-and-such days, but busy on these other days” ^_^ more money is always a good thing. ^^

ok, i’m off to bed – pete’s supposed to be coming by tomorrow to finish his vid, and i want to get some sleep on my days off…