i had trouble falling asleep last night, so i was reading through this tourbook i have about visiting japan ‘cos i think it would be fun to visit there sometime. but not before i get a good grasp on japanese ^_^; i also worked on figuring out a schedule for school in the fall that would allow me to come down from umbc (or go over to the verizon wireless store in catonsville and work there instead, but i like everyone at my store, lol) and work so then i’ll have my tuition all paid for ^_^ while it was past 4 am and i still wasn’t sleepy i just lay down to try and fall asleep because i had a dentist appointment today at 3:15

i ended up waking up at 2:30 when dad asked if i was planning on sleeping all day, lol. i totally didn’t hear my alarm go off at 11 ^_^;; came upstairs and found that check for $500 on my keyboard (i had lent dad $500 a month or two ago and forgot about it until last night when mom remarked how she was given a $500 bonus at work – i jokingly replied “heyyyy… don’t you happen to owe me $500? ……. *remembers* oh, hey, wait… dad does!” ^_^;) i was going to remind him about it today, but apparently mom reminded him about it early this morning so he wrote it out and i deposited it in the bank today after the dentist appointment. all they really had to do at the dentist was make impressions of my teeth so i can be fitted for this night guard thingy to prevent me from grinding my teeth together when i’m sleeping

dan and dave were here when i got back, and shortly after that we headed downtown to the used record store so dave could exchange a cd that was the wrong one that they gave him, and sat around while some crazy old guy muttered and cussed at us 😛

stopped back at my place then went off to the mall for eats and poking around. some random girl started talking to me in the arcade after i finished a car race, but we didn’t really say much to each other. ^_^; also stopped off at tower records after the mall so dave could get a cd by a local band, and i found “then: the early years” by they might be giants.

dave didn’t want to ride back with dan and my mom didn’t want dan to be driving home at all since he didn’t sleep for about 28 hours (he stayed up all last night), so mom had him stay here to spend the night – he’s conked out on the couch behind me right now

ah, nuts, i had a library book due yesterday… ^^;

i’m thinking of looking into getting a car for myself soon… ^_^