#1086 – housing

i hope that i get to live on campus at umbc in the fall. it would suck to be stuck out here, having to commute about 40 minutes to school (where it’s almost impossible to find parking if you’re commuting).

and the worst part of it all – I’D BE AT HOME! x_x;;;

sure, it might be good to have the structured environment of home to help keep me focused on studies, but… what am i saying? it would suck!

*finds his high school class ring on his desk and puts it on…*

i mean, i’ve been stuck at home for the past year. pretty much no interaction with college-aged people. sure, i get to see them when i go on one of my occasional visits to umbc, but it’s nothing compared to being around and interacting with them all the time. ^^;;

heck, i don’t even have to be rooming with pete. i just want to live on campus. anywhere. ^^;;;; i think i’ll go crazy if i don’t get any social interaction (especially with the wimmenfolk… *sniffle*) ;_;

i’d need a car to commute back and forth for work at verizon, but dad mentioned that he talked to my aunt recently about a car that her friend has that she’s looking to sell, but because of some family emergency she hasn’t been able to talk about it. which is ok, for the moment. no hurry.

i met the new temp today at work, and he’s a he and not a she. shucks. seems like a cool guy, though. name is sean. he did some training with tony yesterday since that was tony’s last day, and he’s going to be shadowing me tomorrow and saturday, and starting monday we’re going to be working half-shifts – which is ok by me… half-shifts or 2-3 days of working straight with 2-3 days off are cool, but 7 days in a row of working then having 7 days in a row off is nice for vacations, but by the end of the workweek i was about ready to lay the smackdown on some customers. ^_^;; apparently also since yesterday was tony’s last day he and lots of people from the store went out to t.g.i.friday’s and to o’brien’s bar downtown and got wasted, lol.

anyways… anybody got any good suggestions for journals not already on my friends list that i ought to read?