#1078 – schedule for today

need to:

– put more oil in the saturn

– refill the windshield washer fluid in the saturn

– try to break in the saturn (so i know what to do if i lock myself out of it again ^_^;;)

– clean off my computer desk

– maybe go to gravelly point if stu’s home and wants to go

– call my bank and ask about traveller’s checks

– call sprint and ask about this bill i recieved

– probably some other stuff that i can’t think of right now

mom woke me up a few times before 10 am asking if i was up. i lay in bed and said “yeah”. she said she didn’t believe me. o_o;; i went upstairs and asked why she didn’t believe me and she said that it was 10 minutes until 10 am. “so?” i said. “well, don’t you have to work today???” “uh, no. i go back to work tomorrow. i keep telling everyone that i go back to work on thursday.” “oh, ok… go back to bed then.” ^_^;;;

next thing i knew was my dad at about 12:45 asking me if i was going to sleep all day, so i said “yeah”, lol.

ok, time to change out of my pajamas and get some work done, lol… ^_^;;