#1077 – "slow penguin ahead"

debuchan got my question right – i said “purple penguin”, hehe

“slow penguin ahead”… hehehehe ^_^

picked up dave and dan again today and went to bwi… found the customs office but it was still closed. i guess i’ll just forget about registering my stuff with them now. 😛

then we went off to the airport observation point and had a picnic lunch and then drove to arundel mills where we walked around and played games at jillian’s (i’m getting better at pump it up! ^_^) and sat around while dave waited for his job interview at the movie theater. the guy who was supposed to be doing the interview was running all around so we were all waiting just over 2 hours for dave to speak to him, and it lasted about 10 minutes total. ^^;; we were at arundel mills for about 8 hours total… o_o;;;

back here at the house we had dinner and voted for stuff on and then drove dan and dave back to their houses.

i got some letters in the mail today… the paystub from my temp agency, and two interesting pieces of mail: one was a bill from sprint (surprising considering i cancelled my service with them a few months ago) and it was a credit balance for $572.98. O_o don’t know how they’ll get it to me considering i don’t have an account with them anymore. maybe they’ll send me a check? i dunno… i’ll give them a call tomorrow and see…

the other piece of mail is something from american university in dc asking if i want to join this program in the spring of 2003 where instead of taking classes toward my major i’d be instead acting as a “technology policy insider” and interact with people in that industry and learn through my experiences instead of learning through classes. sounds really intersting and right up my alley! ^_^ hm… i wonder if the credits would transfer with umbc? in any case, i’ll be sending away for more information from them… ^^

i’ve been wanting to snuggle with someone the past few days, but nobody to snuggle with… ;_; *sniffle*