#1074 – traveller's checks

mom and dad want me to try to get my traveller’s checks ordered tomorrow, but i’d much rather wait until thursday/friday to do it, ‘cos with the recent locking of keys in the car fiasco my bank account is lower than i’d like it to be before taking out money for my trip… i want to take out $200 as traveler’s checks, but i don’t have $200 in my account at the moment (when they take out the $88 for the popping open of the car i’m going to have about $60 in my account ^^;;;). but i will after thursday. so i’m going to wait until friday to order my tickets..

they can ship it speedily (as fast as next day), so i’m not worried about that, but i’m going to be bugged by my parents until i can get it out. 😛 blargh.

jibakushounen‘s recent journal entry about the bsd girl (picture taken from this page showing the merits that bsd unix has over linux >:D) affirms my having “cute sexy geek girls” as a livejournal interest. muhahaha ^_^

if i didn’t know better, i’d say that the bsd demon girl is rather “horny”, heh heh heh… >:D