#1073 – friendly neighborhood spiderman

so we went to see spiderman at the local movie theater… corey (my coworker who saw it twice in one weekend) was right – that movie ROCKED! ^___^ and kirsten dunst is TEH SECKSY!!!!1111

i was kinda pissed at the end when peter parker totally blew MJ off at the end… THAT FOOL!!! oh well… more secksy kirsten dunst for me XDDD

*drool* she can make MY spidey-sense tingle anytime she wants! mm… sexy redhead! and a wet shirt scene! yippee! XDDD

*cough* anyways… kelly and anne were saying that i look kinda like peter parker from that movie. ^^

and after the movie we went out to dinner at buddy’s crabs & ribs in downtown annapolis and walked around town. now i’m just poking around at home here… whoopee…