#1071 – morning at the airport

just got back from bwi where i dropped michelle off for her flight and stayed to watch the planes take off and land. i found the customs office, but since it was a holiday they were closed. oh well. ^_^;; guess this just means that i’ll have to make another trip to the airport sometime. such a chore. darn. ~_^

it was really cool to see the jets, too… since it had rained overnight there was a sheen of water everywhere, so when they’d leave the gate with their engines on you’d see the water jump backwards everywhere from the wash from the jets. and when they’d take off too the water would be kicked back off the runways when the jets were pointed slightly downwards.

i’ve got to get something to eat for breakfast, then i’ve got to go to stu’s house to feed his cats.

and we’re going to see spider-man today! yay! ^_^