#1069 – bad day

went to meet dan and his brother at white flint mall last night. we went to dave and busters and played some games then went back to their place to watch some of the anime they rented. i ended up falling asleep in the middle of “X” because it was rather boring and was a long-running manga series turned into a movie less than 2 hours long. 😛

woke up at about 2 pm, bothered dan awake at 2:30, and we all just really sat around the house for a while and worked on his anime music video and sat around some more. my ipod froze up and i freaked out until i figured out how to reset it and i didn’t lose any of my songs on it or anything.

left at about 5:00-5:15 to head home, but first stopped at a shell gas station about half a mile from dan’s place to get gas. i ended up locking the keys in the car ^^;; talked to the guy at the station and he suggested calling someone who had a key and then call a locksmith. i called home but mom didn’t want to come and get me, so i called the locksmith and told them where i was and they said they’d have a tech call me back. about 15 minutes later a tech called me back and i told him where i was and what kind of car i had and he said he’d be there in about 30 minutes. he arrived and then popped the car open and i had to pay him $88 for a 5 minute job. ^^;;;

stupid dinger in the car… the “you’ve-got-your-keys-in-the-ignition-and-the-door-open” dinger in our saturn is broken and goes off whether or not you’ve got the keys in the ignition, so it’s easy to forget whether or not you’ve got the keys in the car. ^^;;

drive home… no traffic on route 50, but there was a 2 car accident i saw a cop taking a look at. looks like that happened a few hours before – the traffic there was worse on the opposite side of the highway with the people bottlenecking, hah. got home and mom apologized for not coming out to rescue me since she was afraid that she wouldn’t have been able to find me, but if she had 15 minutes more to think about it then she probably would have come out to get me.

had one of several hot dogs that mom was cooking for dinner and a big dollop of ketchup and mustard (but mostly ketchup) landed right on the new pair of cargo pants i bought the other day and was wearing. -_-;;; i needed to put the pants i bought in the wash anyways, so that’s where they are now.

and apparently my friend tom is in town and should be dropping by any minute now.

you’ll have to wait until later to see pics of me in my lupin outfit.