#1065 – pants doodley-doo

i’ve now increased my pantsness by 5 pairs of pants:

– 1 brown pair of dockers mobile pants

– 1 black pair of dockers mobile pants

– 2 khaki pairs of cargo pants (different styles)

– 1 pair of silver adidas track pants

went to the overlook at bwi and watched a few planes, then went to bwi and sat and watched the planes there and walked around the airport. picked up michelle from bwi at 2:40, and then we drove to arundel mills and got those pants and walked around, and then we headed here to annapolis and went to the annapolis mall. there i found a black shirt and a yellow tie as well as those track pants, and she got herself some turquoise track pants as well. then we headed to chili’s for dinner and then i dropped her off at her hotel that she’s staying at, and then i got back here! ^_^

joe, my manager, called me up while i was at bwi and asked why i wasn’t at work. i told him that it was tony’s turn to work and he said that i was on the schedule and that i was supposed to be working. i started to freak out (since i had been working 7 days straight and was just starting to enjoy my vacation), but then he said that he was kidding and that he just had a quick question for me about scheduling with the new greeter they’re going to have.

stu says that he won’t be able to make it to the Plan tomorrow ;_; no plane-watching at national airport for stuey. oh well. bruno_boy wanted to go too… i guess it’ll be just us then. maybe we can go again next wednesday