#1064 – frequent driver

dan, dave, and myself went to eastpoint mall today to do some ddr before going to see star wars with stu and two of his friends at the senator theater in baltimore. we made friends with a girl at one of the arcades at eastpoint mall and the guy who worked in that arcade too ^_^ he gave us free games on the ddr machine and we watched him freestyle and told us next time we come there to say hi to him and he’ll hang with us and maybe give us more free games. really cool guy ^_^ and really good ddr player too!

star wars was really good ^_^ i’d already seen about 2/3 of it at will and gabe’s place, but still, it was really cool to see ^_^

drove dan back to his place, and came back here and then dropped dave at his place. got gas on the way back home… i’ve driven just under 300 miles in about 32 hours. o_o;; but driving is fun ^_^

i ought to go to bed… going to go to bwi tomorrow to watch planes, pick up michelle from her flight, and then go shopping! for pants! XD

life is good! ^_^