#1053 – "call dan"

i was all ready to leave here to go to will and gabe’s place but i figured that i had better see if they were at umcp or not before i left, so i picked up my cellphone and said “dan” to have the autodial call him up

next thing i know, his mom says “hello?” lol… apparently i’ve got the voice dial set for his house and not his cellphone

anyways, he’s going to give me a call when everyone’s going to leave from laser tag to head to college park, and that’s when i’m supposed to leave from here to meet them at college park. wheefun. ^^

and where in the world are everyone else in my family?? dad and kelly and anne were planning to go to point lookout this morning but decided not to because of storms, and when i got home from work the truck was still parked out front so they didn’t decide to leave later, and they’ve still got their civil war stuff around the house, and the minivan was gone from the backyard so i don’t know where they took that to…