#1052 – bored

going to go to will and gabe’s place at umcp in a little bit to catch the tail end of gabe’s birthday party – everyone’s all out at lasertag at the moment, i believe (they left to go do that at 6 – 6:30 pm, so i’m not sure when they’ll get back to college park)

work was alright… we were empty for the first 40 minutes, then we were slammed for most of the day. the average wait for most of the afternoon was 20-25 minutes, and we had 5 salespeople (and one manager who helped out as well, so 6 people assisting customers) working at that time! i didn’t get a chance to get any lunch at all, really… i ended up just having a snickers bar and a root beer in the back when we slowed down a bit.

last night at work i mentioned to one of the managers how my phone has been giving me problems for about a week… i’ll be browsing the internet with my phone and as i’m scrolling around the text and icons on the entire screen flicker off and on. he said that if it keeps up to let him and the technicans know and he’ll have them swap it out with a new phone (yay!). i’ll remind him on monday when he’s next at work… this is cool – normally it would be a refurbished phone that i’d be getting ^_^

… i asked will last night for directions to his place, and he said to message him and gabe tonight to get directions from gabe. i just remembered that gabe sent me the address in this email about the party, so i put in the address that gabe gave me into mapquest to get directions to his dorm and it came back saying that it doesn’t know where the dorm is 😛

so now i’m just sitting around here waiting for will and gabe and everyone to get back to their dorm so i can get directions. maybe i’ll give them a call in half an hour…