#1051 – pick up lines & pants

“do you have any pants?”

“we do.”

“then pant me, man!”

best pick-up line one of my coworkers used with a girl we work with… she didn’t belive him that the video game “resident evil” was scary (he recently purchased it for his gamecube and was showing off the strategy guide)

guy: “well, this weekend how about you come over to my place and i’ll show you ‘resident evil’ on my gamecube and you’ll see for yourself how scary it is?”

girl: “you’re on! and i’ll bring my playstation over and we can play some stuff with that too!”

one of the managers was looking on and said that that had to have been the best pick-up line he’s ever heard…

manager: “yeah, how about i bring my video games over to your place and scare the pants off of you?”

reason why i just remembered this was because my friend michelle and i might go in search of some pants for me next weekend – according to her i MUST have myself some track pants, and i want to go in search of a new pair of cargo pants since i tore a giant hole in the knee of one of my pairs of cargo pants, and i need to search for a pair of lupin pants for my lupin costume, and i want to get myself a pair of mobile pants to replace the pants i wear to work ^_^ and since it’s memorial day, there’ll probably be sales and stuff then! i am a smart! ^_^