#1046 – mint in my bank account

ok, this is weird…

everything’s stabalized in my bank account. nothing pending.

remember how i said that it went negative because of that us airways transaction?

now, somehow, i’ve gone from $-65.85 to $439.70. an increase of $505.55. and payday isn’t until tomorrow (well, about another hour or two, lol)

so where did this come from? there weren’t even any deposits or anything in the account!

weird. i bet it has something to do with payday, though… my paycheck will be bigger ‘cos of working a little extra when i had to stay behind to stock the floor one night, but that’s only a half-hour more… an extra $5.49 (before taxes!) and if it doesn’t have to do with payday, then i bet it’s some sort of funky loan triggered by my signing up for overdraft protection. but $505.55? what a weird loan amount!