#1043 – seafood diet

mom and kelly went and got some crab cakes for dinner today – i’ve still got about a quarter of mine left (it was HUGE) and i’m stuffed. i’m not feeling too well now either… i think i ate it too fast… ^^;;

ooh! ooh! another fun thing for me to do in britain! ^_^ i’m still contemplating that concert thingy, but i’m not sure… i’ll see what else i can think up doing the week i’m there…

mom was using my computer for the interweb while i was at work and somehow paused this decoding of mpeg-2 files that i had running all day -_-;;; i think i know of a good prank to pull involving applescripts for next time someone tries to access the interweb while i’m at work, bwahaha… >:D

ug… tummy hurts… x_x;;;;