#1042 – crazy

i was reading through mr. guidebook to england and saw some mention in there about the chemical brothers. (i really like the chemical brothers… they really have some “block rockin’ beats” if you catch my drift, lol)

“hey, that’s right!” i thought… “they’re from england! wonder if they’re doing any tours or anything while i’ll be there…?”

so i do a search, check their site, and it says that they’ll be performing at something called “gatecrasher” at northhampton

so i do another search for that, and this is what i found: gatecrasher (the site is a bit slow at the current moment, though… ^_^;;)

damn… this thing looks like the techno music equivalent of the local hfstival or atlanta’s music midtown ^_^

now, i’d be crazy if i were to try to go to this for two reasons:

1) giant 40,000 person concert in totally unfamiliar territory

2) losing about two half-days of touristing around (‘cos from what i can tell the concert is 3 pm – 6 am O_o)

and i can just imagine what my schedule would be like with this, lol

june 20th: leave from bwi to go to london

june 21st: arrive in london (6 am), get acquainted, do a little bit of touristing around

june 22nd: tourist around until mid-afternoon then make way to concert

june 23rd: concert my way back home at 6 am, sleep, then tourist around (as much as a sunday afternoon will allow)

june 24th: tourist around

june 25th: tourist around

june 26th: fly back to bwi from london

that doesn’t really leave much room for touristing around, lol… but if after flipping through mr. guidebook and not really finding events to really take up much more than 2 days of touristing, then maybe i’ll consider it, lol. and i’ll give even more weight to this consideration if anyone susan ‘n betsy knows might be going and maybe i can tag along… ^_^;