#1035 – money (that's what i want)

well, looks like i’m not going to be going out to do those two things i was planning on doing today, lol… ^_^;;

reason why is that when i was making those changes with us airways about my flight to comiccon, they said that they’d charge me a $54 fee for making the change, and that fee bounced around on my bank account for a few weeks as a pending transaction, and then one day it disappeared, so i figured that either it was applied or that it was incorporated into the other transaction i had going with us airways at that time.

now i check my bank account, and it’s magically back and applied now. so all this time i thought that i had money which i didn’t really have. at least i signed up for the overdraft protection (it was free!) when i set up my account… ^_^;;

dad told me last night that he forgot to get gas for the car while he was out, but i said that if i go anywhere today i’ll fill it up before i go. i’ve got a $10 bill, so either i can get gas for the car and have no way of paying for parking at the airport to see customs, or i can go to the airport and use the $10 for parking, but risk running out of gas on the way there or on the way back (the car only has just under 1/8th of a tank) ^_^;;