#1033 – airplanes

i think that tomorrow i’ll go to the airport for two things:

1) finding the customs office to ask a few questions that i have and take care of some things to help speed me along on my trip

2) going to the observation lot (right there in the middle) to watch the planes take off and land ^_^

see? it’s that little parking lot, right there in the middle of the map. and it’s close to the runway, too, so i can get a good view of the planes taking off from the airport… ^^

but i don’t think it’ll compare to the viewing point at washington national, er, i mean, ronald reagan national airport

see, from that field to the right of that parking lot, you can sit there and have planes land right over your head. ^__^ very cool.

stu and i were also reading through this webpage called – it’s all about, well, the best airports to take a quick nap in, and where’s the best places in airports to take naps. lol…

stu and i were also thinking, maybe if he gets this job that he wants (traffic-ticket writer for the city), then maybe in january when we’re on spring break we might go on an adventure to britain ourselves ^_^