#1030 – vere are your dokuments?

just got back from the post office and the library. i walked downtown to the post office to apply for my passport (i like our post office downtown – i think it looks like a post office should… kinda old-timey, lol), filled out the forms and paid the fee, so now i should be getting it in about 2-3 weeks i believe ^^

then i went down to oceans ii records (used cd store) to see if they had any other cds by devo, but they didn’t. i had accidentally deleted my mp3 of “race of doom”, and i tried to re-download it but all i could get was the demo of that song which didn’t sound as good.

grabbed myself a rootbeer since it was rather hot outside and i was going to be doing more walking, headed to the library and found some travel guides on what to see in britain, and headed back home.

man it’s hot outside… ^^;; dan should be giving me a call any minute now i think to tell me he’s on his way over here so i can rip the evangelion movie dvd and see the cowboy bebop movie before he has to return them tonight. i think he wants to do some ddr tonight at some arcade at a mall in silver spring, but i’m not sure – like i said, it’s rather hot outside, so the thought of doing any excersise at all doesn’t appeal to me right now ^_^;