#1026 – yer out!

ahh, so that’s how it’s done… ^_^

lol, baseball umpires start out in the minor leagues and move up from there, just like the players do. the pay isn’t that bad, either, lol. starts at $1800 / month for people just starting in the minor leagues (about what i’m paid now), up to $82,000 – $250,000 / season + $55,000 expenses + free first-class air travel for those in the major leagues, hehe. and that’s only a part-time job if you think about it, hehe…

i’m such a dork, lol. but who knows, it could be fun to be a baseball umpire… ^_^ umbc even has a class offered for a phys-ed credit on umpiring and officiating sports games (the fall semester version covers soccer / volleyball / football)… maybe i’ll take the spring version if it covers baseball ^_^