#1020 – i'm gonna eat you little fishes

i wanted some fish for dinner, but we didn’t have any ;_; i had a craving for seafood ‘cos one of the salespeople i work with was talking how he’s going to spend all day saturday eating crabs that he got a good deal on.

so instead i’m having an aussie pie (basically a chicken pot pie from australia, hehe). maybe i’ll check and see if we have any tuna to make a sandwich with later…

i went to work a little bit early and got passport photos taken of myself at a photo place a few stores down from where i work. i think these pictures look very official and passportey, hehe. ^^

i also asked tony the temp about his schedule for june and told him how i was seeing about planning out a trip to england, and he said that he’s actually leaving the store at the end of may, and they’ll have another greeter to replace him for next month on. he hopes that he gets to train the other greeter, hehe. when he leaves, that means i’ll have worked at the store for 9 months with 3.5 other greeters (the .5 is one guy who was going to work at the kiosk in the mall but i still had to train him, hehe)

i mentioned to one of the managers about how i may be going to england and he was really surprised, lol. i told him all about it and said “the only thing that worries me is going there and seeing a few million waynes running around” (wayne was the second temp that came to work with me – he was this crazy british guy who was a bit… odd) and all the people that i work with were real sympathetic about that, hehe… and the marriage that he had to move over here from england seemed a bit shady too, so maybe he’s been deported or something and might try to hunt me down in england, lol…

AND WHAT IS UP WITH THIS KEYBOARD?!?!?!?! >_<;; it's a bit humid out and so my fingers are kinda sticking to the keys and not really gliding across the keyboard like they usually do, and the keys themselves are sticking on the way down occasionally... 😛 susaannnnnnn... when do you want me to come and visit?? **big puppy-dog eyes** ^_^ inquiring minds want to know! ~_^