#1019 – zoom zoom zoom to prof. redding's room

i went to bed early (1:30 is early for me), set my alarm for the usual get-up-and-go-to-work-at-10-am time, and next thing i know dad’s asking me at 10:33 asking “wasn’t there something you had to be at umbc for at 11?” ^_^;;

i jumped up, quickly got dressed and drove to umbc for my scheduling appointment at 11:15 – i knew it was going to be close, since it takes about half-an-hour to get to umbc from annapolis, and i was panicing some ‘cos i thought it was supposed to be at 11:00 and not 11:15. i managed to make it there just in time (didn’t put any money in the parking meter since i didn’t think i had any quarters and besides i was late already and wasn’t going to be long), ran up to the information systems floor, and got up to my advisor’s office at 11:17. he said that he had me already all approved, so we went over everything (took about 3 minutes), and he said “ok, that’s it!” and i ran back to the car and beat the lady checking for expired parking meters, and got back home at noon. ^_^

now i just need to register for my classes ^^ the site is acting up and keeps telling me that i can’t register because of some error with my authorizations… if it’s still acting wonky tonight, then i’ll give them a call tomorrow while i’m at work and see if i can get it cleared up.

going to start getting ready for work in a little bit… working from 3:30 – close tonight