#1018 – top ten glenn hits

right now i’m listening to various songs in itunes, and running this other program in the background called “charts-o-mat” that puts each song you listen to in itunes into a special playlist and modifies an entry in the mp3 to show how many times it’s been played. so, using this nifty program, i can see what my top number of songs i listen to are. ^_^ what makes it especially neat is that i have my ipod set to automagically sync with that playlist when i plug it in, so then i get to carry around my favorite songs to listen to, without me really having to do anything at all! ^-^

dad, kelly, anne, and i went to the baseball game tonight – wasn’t as fun as it was last night, but our seats were in roughly the same place (just over to the right a bit more and back a section, but we were in the very front so no worries about having people stand up in front of us and block the view). we only had 3 tickets, but anne wanted to go and since she didn’t have school tomorrow we took her and traded in our 3 tickets for 4 tickets in a row so we could all sit together. too bad the orioles lost, though ;_; and evelyn didn’t get to see us during the game! now she will have an unfufilled life! ~_^

the guy next to me was with his girlfriend from mount desales (my sister goes there and they had a fundraiser for selling o’s tickets), and some of her friends showed up to chat. the guy got tired of having to explain some things to them (some things he had to explain over and over as more people showed up and asked “what’s ___________?”), so at one point he asked me “hey, would you please tell them what ‘that big yellow pole-thing’ is for?”, lol. i think one of them thought that i was his brother, lol.

i told mom and dad about susan’s idea of me flying to england to visit them, and they actually thought it was a really good idea! ^_^ mom thought that it would be good that i go and visit another country, and dad said that it was a good idea to go now since i’d have someone to stay with and show me around. besides, they said, i already speak the language, lol. ^_^ this makes me even more glad that i bought this here ipod – part of the reason why i bought it was so when i go to san diego i’ve got something to keep me entertained on the long flight (i was even wondering if you could even bring cds on a plane since you just need to snap it in two and then you can start poking people with it ^^;;). now i’d have to get myself a passport, and order tickets… already did some searching for dates to travel on ^_^ as soon as i get my paycheck tomorrow night (thursday night/friday morning) i’d be able to order them ^^

so, susan, when would be a good time for me to come and visit? best dates for me would be any thursday-wednesday in june (june 6-12 / 13-19 / 20-26 / 27-july 3) ^_^