#1016 – kawaii! ^-^

damn, my hair stylist looked sexy today ^_^ even more so, ‘cos now she has her hair dyed reddish-orange ^-^ we kidded around and she told me to come back sooner than 2 months from now (‘cos the last time i had my hair cut was almost 2 months ago, lol), and when i told her about going to san diego this summer she told me to come see her just before i go so she can make me look all fancy ^_^ the cashier at bubbles was really sexy too, hehe ^__^

i also picked up one of those sexy (well, more cute than sexy, hehe) ipods (5-gig model) today from compusa – i remembered about there being one in glen burnie so i drove up there this morning and picked one up. i also got their 2-year replacement warranty so if i bust it within that time i get a new one for free ^_^ or if they come out with newer fancier ipods before then i can pay the difference and get the newer fancier one ^_^